How Outline Ninja Works

Here is a step by step explanation of how Outline Ninja helps you write better article outlines faster.

Watch the demo on YouTube.

Step 1, On a desktop computer, Login and click Run, then type your search query:

Step 2, Submit the search and wait 2 full minutes for it to complete gathering all the results. This uses one credit.

Step 3, Look at the results, one table at a time and grab the titles and questions you need for your outline:

Example top 10 results from google showing H2 counts, table and lists counts including the internal linking and snippets.

Depending on how broad your search term was, there will be a lot of results!

Step 4, click on any cell to copy it:

Copied cells turn green

Step 5, look at the average word count, number of tables and lists, and keyword density to guide your article length.

Step 6, use the autocomplete data and keyword ideas to come up with subtopics for your article.

Step 7, Use ay relevant NLP Entities to make sure that Google will understand the topic on a basic level and to make sure you don’t miss any topics that competitors touched on.

Topics and Entities you should consider touching upon

Step 8, Finally, dive into People Also Ask (PAA), Quora, and Reddit Questions to make sure your outline covers it all!