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Frequently Asked:

  • What is Outline Ninja?
    • Outline Ninja is a topic research tool that takes one keyword and expands it for you so you can know all the questions, keywords, Headings, and topics around it. This allows you to write an article outline much faster than having to search and open multiple browser tabs.
  • Is there a free trial?
    • In order to prevent abuse from those that create a free trial and cancel it multiple times a day, we opted for a $1.00 trail. You can always watch the demo video to see how it works.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
  • Who is Outline Ninja useful for?
    • Any blogger or agency preparing an informational intent article for SEO that needs to speed up the outline preparation process. It assumes you already have a keyword or topic in mind. It is not a keyword discovery tool like ahrefs.
  • Are there alternatives to Outline Ninja?
    • We respect and draw inspiration from many tools that help with keyword research but believe that the exact offering we give is unique. For example, has the google people asked questions like we do but not the autosuggest keywords. AnswerThePublic and are also different in that they don’t give top 10 results with H1,H2,H3 data to spy on competitor articles. Outline Ninja is unique at this price point and the closest alternative would be at $99 per month. We hope you will try us out!
  • Why does Outline Ninja even work for SEO?
    • As Google’s search algorithm evolved, it is now clear that they want to give the use what they want in one article rather than having to open each of the top 10 results in order to learn a topic. This is why you see “ultimate guides” articles ranking very high on information intent queries. Outline Ninja helps you craft satisfying content that covers a variety of topics your readers want to learn about.
  • What are “Ninja Questions”?
    • We use the power of AI to suggest 20 questions for your article outline. Enjoy this bonus!
  • Can I view my search history?
    • At the moment, there is no log of your previous searches. We suggest printing or saving your results right away in case you need to come back to them. Otherwise you will need to use a new credit to run the search again.
  • What does “blocked” mean in the SERP word count?
    • In order to get the word count of the competitors, we need to scrape their page but some websites have firewalls that block our bots. We suggest opening those pages in another tab so you don’t miss any insights.
  • Do you have all three: people also ask, people also search for and related searches?
    • Yes and more keywords. We also have a list of related keywords that is bigger than people also search and related searches. plus we have multiple google autosuggest lists included.
  • Do you issue invoices and receipts?
    • Yes, check the invoices page here.
  • Where does the Synonym data come from?