AI Infographic Generator – Demo of “Infographic Ninja”

Convert a keyword or article to an Infographic with this AI Infographic Generator.

*All fields are required below. Keyword and Title are needed at first to generate the rest of the info.

English only.

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  • Many Infographics Templates to pick from.
  • Ability to customize icons (by Name, color, black & White, stock photos, or gradient).
  • Automatically chooses appropriate icons.
  • Use a keyword to generate questions and answers using AI.
  • Use a Blog Article or upload PDF to generate Infographic.
  • Ability to write your own questions and answers.
  • Download to match your questions and answers. (for added SEO).
  • Buttons to Share on Social Media Instantly.
  • Code for WordPress that embeds the image and gives a ‘copy embed code’ button (for added virality and backlinks).
  • Ability to skip logo or subtitle.
  • Skip Questions / Titles.
  • Change number of entries from 3 to 7.
  • 30+ Fonts to choose from.
  • Customize template colors (Branding) based on your logo. You can change header color, footer color and background color.
  • Preview Infographic before downloading.