1-The following are features of the Infographics Generator tool:

  • Many Infographics Templates to pick from.
  • Ability to customize icons (by Name, color, black & White, stock photos, or gradient).
  • Automatically chooses appropriate icons.
  • Use a keyword to generate questions and answers using AI.
  • Use a Blog Article or upload PDF to generate Infographic.
  • Ability to write your own questions and answers.
  • Download FAQSchema.org to match your questions and answers. (for added SEO).
  • Buttons to Share on Social Media Instantly.
  • Code for WordPress that embeds the image and gives a ‘copy embed code’ button (for added virality and backlinks).
  • Ability to skip logo or subtitle.
  • Skip Questions / Titles.
  • Change number of entries from 3 to 7.
  • 30+ Fonts to choose from.
  • Customize template colors (Branding) based on your logo. You can change header color, footer color and background color.
  • Preview Infographic before downloading.

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2-The following are features of the All-in-one Topic research tool:

Outline Ninja grabs all the following information from the top 10 SERPs plus additional research.

This saves you a ton of time!

For each key phrase, you will receive:

  • Top 10 results on Google USA:
    • Title tags, snippets, and word count for each
    • Counts of internal and external links
    • Do they use Schema.org
    • Number of Tables and Lists
    • Average word count for top 10 competitors
    • All H1, H2, and H3 headings
    • Keyword Density – exact match
    • Keyword difficulty (allintitle count)
    • Natural Language (NLP) Entities and topics
  • First page of Google Data:
    • People Also Ask (PAA) list
    • Related Search Terms
    • Expanded AutoComplete Keywords (Google, Bing, Wikipedia…and 4 more)
  • Questions Databases:
    • Quora.com Questions
    • Reddit.com Questions
    • Ninja Questions and Outline Generator (TM)
    • JustAnswer.com Questions
    • Answers.com Questions
  • Bonuses:
    • Expanded Keyword Ideas
    • Walmart, Amazon, and eBay auto-suggest keywords
    • Click-To-Copy**
  • … in just a matter of seconds!

**Click-To-Copy: You have the ability to click on any text to copy it to clipboard and start writing your outline.

Starting from one keyword you can now write your article outline and find untapped content ideas.

Create more useful articles that are comprehensive in that niche and beat competitors by providing more value to users – isn’t that what Google wants!

3-Features of the HowTo Generator

  • Uses one keyword topic to automatically create JSON-LD schema
  • Strictly follows HowTo Schema structure
  • Gives step by step how-to instructions
  • Includes your logo or image in the steps

4-Features of the Missing Entities analyzer

  • Scrapes top 10 SERP results on Google
  • Extracts NLP entities from top 10 competitors
  • Compares to your article to give a summary of missing keywords
  • Helps you optimize your SEO article