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Top 7 Best EEAT Checker Tools and Plugins for 2024

Evaluating Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT) is essential for SEO and content quality. More importantly, trust signals help with conversion rate thus affecting your bottom line!

We reviewed the top 7 best EEAT checkers that can help you ensure your content meets Google’s standards, along with their URLs.

Lowest price per scan with most items checked automatically (80+).

We’ve tested and re-tested every major automated EEAT auditing tools/services to bring you our comprehensive report on the best available options.

We’ve rigorously tested every major EEAT Checker service out there to bring you this comprehensive guide to the best E-E-A-T scanners available today. On this page you’ll find quick recommendations, and in-depth analyses of the top options.

What we’re looking for:

  • Automation
  • Accurate assessment
  • Not a subjective AI
  • No generic suggestions
  • Low cost
  • Better and faster than a checklist
  • Number of factors and signals being checked

1. Outline.Ninja EEAT Checker

  • Features: Analyzes your content to determine if it meets 80+ criteria, providing actionable changes to make.
  • Pros: User-friendly interface, Easy to read output (pass, fail), similar to checklist except its automated, low price per website scan.
  • Cons: Limited free features.
  • Link: EEAT Checker

2. Spectroomz E-A-T SEO Checker Quiz

  • Features: Offers an questionnaire EEAT scoring that asks you to answer questions and thus get an evaluation. So this is semi-automated.
  • Pros: Quick and using your own perspective, useful for beginners, free.
  • Cons: Can be time-consuming since it is not automated.
  • URL: EEAT Checker Quiz
sample of the eeat quiz


  • Features: Provides an automated email to you with text suggestions for improvement of the website.
  • Pros: Has good suggestions but does not fact check against your website very well. Quick and efficient, user-friendly email. Free.
  • Cons: Not capturing or checking all the aspects of EEAT and trust signals.
  • URL:
sample of the output

4. content quality score (EEAT tool)

5. Chrome plugin EEAT tool

sample chrome eeat checker extension


  • Features: Evaluates your website’s EEAT against a checklist and compared to top competitors on the SERPs. Tells you which signals to add based on what you are missing in your niche.
  • Pros: Very smart system, easy to use, and compares to the SERPs.
  • Cons: Very pricy and requires a monthly subscription to POP.
sample output from POP EEAT
Watch video if you like:

7. EEAT Checker GPT

sample output from EEAT checker GPT


Ensuring your content meets EEAT standards is essential for SEO success. These tools offer a range of features to help you analyze and improve your content’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Whether you’re looking for a quick analysis or a comprehensive tool, these resources will help you elevate your content to meet Google’s expectations.


We spend hours testing every product or service we reviewed, so you can be sure you’re buying the best and benefit from a testing scorecard.