AI-Infographics Generator API


Infographic.Ninja Launches Groundbreaking AI-Infographics Generator API

Revolutionary API Enables Seamless Integration for SEO Agencies and AI Writer Tools

Novwmber 2023 – Infographic.Ninja, a leading innovator in AI for SEO solutions, proudly announces the launch of their pioneering AI-Infographics Generator API. This groundbreaking tool, the first of its kind, is now available on, offering unprecedented capabilities for SEO agencies and AI Writer tools.

Designed to streamline the creation of compelling infographics, the AI-Infographics Generator API is hosted on at the following address:

With just a text input and a title, users can receive a high-quality PNG image, making the process of infographic creation faster and more efficient.

Key Features of the AI-Infographics Generator API:

  • Title-Based Generation: Users can simply provide a title, and the API will programmatically respond with a visually stunning infographic.
  • Text Summarization (Optional): While the title is required, users have the option to include text for summarization, enhancing the infographic’s content based on their own article.
  • Custom Branding (Optional): Users can include optional elements such as a logo, about-us footer, and company name, allowing for personalized and branded infographics.

This API marks a significant milestone in the field of data visualization,” said Naz K., CEO of Infographic.Ninja. “Our AI-Infographics Generator API empowers SEO agencies and AI Writer tools to effortlessly enhance their content with visually engaging Infographics. The simplicity of title-based generation combined with optional customization options makes it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

Integration with the API is easy because RapidAPI provides sample code for most programming languages, and developers can easily incorporate it into their existing systems. The API’s flexibility and customization options make it suitable for various industries, from marketing and content creation to educational and informational purposes.

To start utilizing the Infographic.Ninja AI-Infographics Generator API, visit

About Infographic.Ninja:

Infographic.Ninja is a leading provider of Infographic by AI, committed to making complex information accessible through visually engaging infographics and helping SEO’s save time creating them. With a focus on innovation and user-centric design, Infographic.Ninja empowers businesses and individuals to convey their messages effectively.