Benefits of Using Outline Ninja

When bloggers have used Outline Ninja, they found the following benefits and the main one being saving so much time googling their keyword and looking at competitor articles and People Also Ask questions. With this tool its all presented in one place! This is a great shortcut to topical authority – all for just a few cents!

Outline Ninja is an all-in-one tool to capture more keywords and questions from multiple sources giving you an untapped goldmine of content ideas.

  • Helps create relevant content
  • Create content briefs or outlines in half the time
  • Create comprehensive outlines that cover just about every topic of a niche
  • Say goodbye to writer’s block
  • Ability to listen to what google is telling you it wants
  • Instant, raw search insights, direct from the minds of your customers
  • Streamline your content production
  • Find untapped content ideas and create more useful content
  • Dive deeper into what the competition’s articles are doing
  • Discover more jargon related to that topic or niche
  • Get longtail topics and questions to add to your SEO articles
  • Spend less time doing painstaking, manual research.

We are complementary to tools such as, AnswerThePublic,, QuestionDB, and We can fill in the gaps that they miss so you can have all the info in one place and at a lower fee.